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Garage Master Ltd is based in Poole, Dorset, and specialises in the supply and installation of garage doors and automatic operators from leading manufacturers in Europe.

Access Controls.

The main factors to consider are convenience of use and security.

Remote Controls

Hand held transmitters are intrinsic to automated gate systems. With the appropriate radio receiver fitted, you can use the same transmitters for both gate and garage door operations.


Either hard wired or radio (wireless) ensures that friends / family can access the property in the event of a misplaced / forgotten hand held transmitter.


Either audio (voice only) or Video / Audio, allowing the home owner to speak to visitors. There are both hardwired and wireless systems to choose from, in either monochrome or colour.

Auto Exit – Auto Entry

Induction loop detectors with auto exit / and or auto entry may be required.

The “loops” are concealed under the surface of the drive, when a vehicular presence is detected the gate system is “triggered” to open – closing automatically once the vehicle has passed through the gates.

The permutations available for access control are extensive, carefully thought out, in a logical and practical fashion the results are often more straight forward than anticipated.

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