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Garage Master Ltd is based in Poole, Dorset, and specialises in the supply and installation of garage doors and automatic operators from leading manufacturers in Europe.


At Garage Master Ltd we offer a wide range of up and over garage doors, and are sure we can find the door style, type and colour that would be suitable for your requirements.

The lifting gear for our “up-and-over” garage doors is available in two varieties – canopy and retractable. Canopy lifting gear fits onto the frame only, and does not need tracks going back into the garage.  This style is generally the less expensive option.

A canopy garage door does not go all the way into the garage when opened, but leaves about a third of its length jutting out – hence the name ‘canopy’.

Retractable lifting gear – also known as “slideaway” – uses internal tracks to take the garage door almost entirely into the garage. Most up-and-over doors can be fitted with either type of gear, however all double doors are fitted with retractable gear only.

This variety of lifting gear is ideal for use with automatic operators (also known as electric openers), as it allows the operator to “pull” the door back along it’s tracks into the garage. If you have a canopy door and would like an automatic operator fitted, a conversion is sometimes an option, rather than buying a new garage door.

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