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Garage Master Ltd is based in Poole, Dorset, and specialises in the supply and installation of garage doors and automatic operators from leading manufacturers in Europe.


Garage Master Ltd can also offer you traditional style side-hinged doors, in Steel, Timber or GRP, which are ideal for garages in which various types of internal obstructions occur such as gas and electric meters.

Water pipes, shelving etc can sometimes make the fitting of other types of doors impractical, or where personnel access without the need to open the full door is a requirement.

Side-hinged doors are outward opening, making the best possible use of the internal garage space and although they are supplied in pairs, the panel combination can be configured in accordance with each clients needs (for example centre-split or split off-centre) subject to certain size and design limitations.

Contact Garage Master Ltd on 01202 666133 to find out more about our side hinged options.

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