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Garage Master Ltd is based in Poole, Dorset, and specialises in the supply and installation of garage doors and automatic operators from leading manufacturers in Europe.


Garage Master Ltd specialises in the installation of automatic garage door operators – also called electric openers – which open and close your garage door at the press of a button. Not only are these systems extremely convenient, an operator also adds greater security to your garage: it will only respond to a precisely programmed remote control and when closed, the door is securely locked shut.

At Garage Master Ltd we use Marantec “Comfort” operators as standard. Over many years, these have proven to be extremely reliable for both up-and-over and sectional garage doors, they can be fitted to most pre-existing or newly installed garage doors. If you would like to see a working demonstration of automated garage doors, please visit our showroom.There are many benefits to this system including:

  • An incredibly quiet Kevlar belt drive.
  • Convenient sized remote controls.
  • Automatic reverse and stop, if impeded.
  • Internal garage light.
  • Manual release key system (if required)
  • Stand-by setting to reduce power bills.

All luxury cars with an integrated transmitter can also be programmed to open a Marantec operator. If you would like a complete list of models that have this feature please visit the HomeLink website.

Difficulties with transmitters & reduced range

If you are having any difficulties with a 418MHz (or even 433MHz) operating system, this problem might be due to the new emergency services. TETRA radio system has been allocated bands from 410 to 430 MHz. The only problem is that this is a government-backed initiative, and such problems will only increase as more masts are erected and usage increases.

One way to solve this problem is to “upgrade” your current system to the recommended 868MHz, which has now been allocated for door and gate automation. If you require more information about this please contact us on 01202 666133.

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